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Are you an inspiring businessperson who loves animals? Animal Massage Therapy is a growing field with plenty of opportunity for the self-starter. This holistic approach to animal care focused on pain prevention and relief, providing a cost effective way to keep your pets happy and healthy.

Start your own business
For anyone who dreams big and wants to work with animals without the years of schooling often required, animal massage therapy is the perfect solution. Once you have completed training at a School of Massage Therapy, you are able to start your own practice. As with any business, there will be risks, but as people discover the benefits of massage therapy as a preventative and healing measure, you will no doubt succeed. You will have opportunities to work with grooming shops, dog training facilities, doggie day cares, kennels, and rehabilitation facilities who can help refer you clients.

The top Animal Massage Schools offer both technique training, as well as schooling on how to open, operate, and run your new business. These programs are designed for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and focus on training the individual to succeed in every facet of their business.

Increase services for present businesses
By incorporating standard veterinary practice with a more natural, holistic approach to prevention and healing, clients will have the most complete and cost effective health care around.

Numerous other types of businesses benefit from having an animal massage therapist as part of the team.  Whether you own a grooming shop, dog training facility, doggie day care, kennel, or rehabilitation facility, these services could be easily implemented and your client list can be increased overnight.

Post-Graduate Training and Future Education
There are numerous conferences, tutorials, and seminars that will allow you to keep up-to-date on all the happenings in this new field.